Tentants Insurance

Under most circumstances, storage companies will require that a renter contact his or her homeowner’s insurance provider immediately to ensure that they have adequate coverage for their belongings… whether this be for the duration of their rental, and/or through the transportation process.

If you would like to inquire as to the availability of insurance coverage through Door2Store, then please feel free to contact us and we will gladly work with you and your particular needs. We offer convenience, AND peace of mind.

Packing Your Unit

Door2Store’s self-storage containers are custom built from high quality steel. They are weatherproof (for outside storage), tamper proof, and pest proof. The standard size is 8ft tall and 7½ft wide and 16ft in length. These containers can be dropped in standard driveways for easy packing!

As a courtesy, please feel free to refer to this handy guide to loading your Door2Store storage container:

  1. To protect your keepsakes, and to help ensure safety in shipping and storage, how you load your storage container can be just as vital as what you load it with. Plus, effective placement of storage items will save you money. One properly loaded bin will prevent you from the unnecessary cost of renting a second unit.
  2. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that you minimize the number of gaps in between items on the lower levels of your unit. This will minimize shifting. As well, leaving areas open to the top of your load will provide you the space to include larger, flat items such as headboards, tabletops, and mirrors.
  3. Always intersperse cushioning props in between your items, especially around fragile items and into the gaps between items. Use shipping blankets, folded cardboard, straps or load locks (see our unique packing supplies list). And, most importantly: always ask yourself, “Will this shift in transport?” If you can easily shift your item now, then it can shift in transport.

Once you are confident that your items are secure, call Door2Store and then… rest assured that your satisfaction is our priority.