Moving Service

Door2Store Inc. is locally owned & operated, family business. We completely understand that every move is different. There is a stress and frustration that can come from moving your home or business, which is why we strive to make your moving process as smooth as possible with a top professional service.

Residential and Commercial Moving Services

All Moves Include:

  • Free estimates
  • Dollies for large furniture transport
  • Tools for any furniture that requires disassembly and re-assembly
  • Moving pads and shrink wrap to protect your furniture during transport
  • Physically fit, professional movers
  • Door2Store can customize the route to suit your needs (multiple stops, deliveries, etc.)

Pricing For All Moves:

Pricing for moves include (minimum):

  • Two movers and a portable storage container
  • Tools
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Dollies
  • Packing Tape
  • Blankets

For Larger scale moves and greater efficiency additional crew members are available. Additional movers can reduce time and cost on big moves. Recommended for homes/offices of more then 1500 sq. feet, long walking distances, and/or multi-floor walk ups.

Packing and Cost Saving Tips:

Disassemble Furniture – To keep your costs down and to help the movers, have all furniture disassembled before we arrive. Especially furniture made of MDF press-board (Ikea).

Secure Everything – All items they Door2Store moves should be secured (wrapped or boxed). Loose items that are not packed wastes space and leaves potential for damage, which elevates costs.

Live Plants or Perishables – Avoid packing food or plants if at all possible, use open-top boxes or wardrobes for plants.

Glass – Package and secure all glass with foam and/or padding (includes glass framed artwork, fish-tanks, tabletops, and mirror glass).

Pack Properly – Always remember to have everything tightly packed. Loose items tend to break and half-empty boxes get crushed. Pack items of similar size and weight together, do not mix fragile things with heavier more durable items.

New Boxes – Use the same size and strength of boxes makes stacking them a simple job for our movers. Mismatched boxes are hard to stack and take longer to arrange in the container. The integrity of old boxes are usually compromised, leading to damaged belongings.

Fragile Items – Use packing paper and/or bubble wrap and mark the box.

Marking Boxes – All boxes should denote their contents; Add the location where they will go in your next home.

Disposal / Junk Removal Services

If you have an excessive amount of disposal let us take care of it for you. After your move is complete we will return to the previous address and remove any junk from the property.


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Moving Supplies

We have all available moving supplies. When booking, together, we will go through our options to help determine what your move will require and we will have them delivered to you before your move.

Local & Long Distance Moves

Call for quote on your move now! Our professionals will go through your needs with you to ensure you have a stress-free transition.