Container_drivewayDoor2Store is a family owned and operated Edmonton based self storage company. We work hard to ensure that our self storage containers arrive at your door step clean, on time, and ready to use. Door2Store’s weatherproof containers keep your belongings clean and safe from theft and vandalism. Whether your mobile self storage needs are short-term, or long-term, we can supply you the right storage solution for the right price.

Door2Store’s self-storage containers are custom built from high quality steel. They are weatherproof (for outside storage), tamper proof, and pest proof. The standard size is 8ft tall and 7½ft wide and 16ft in length. These containers can be dropped in standard driveways for easy packing!

As a courtesy, please feel free to refer to this handy guide to loading your Door2Store storage container:

To protect your keepsakes, and to help ensure safety in shipping and storage, how you load your storage container can be just as vital as what you load it with. Plus, effective placement of storage items will save you money. One properly loaded bin will prevent you from the unnecessary cost of renting a second unit.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that you minimize the number of gaps in between items on the lower levels of your unit. This will minimize shifting. As well, leaving areas open to the top of your load will provide you the space to include larger, flat items such as headboards, tabletops, and mirrors.

Always intersperse cushioning props in between your items, especially around fragile items and into the gaps between items. Use blankets, folded cardboard, or shipping blankets (for purchase our rent from our office). And, most importantly: always ask yourself, “Will this shift in transport?” If you can easily shift your item now, then it can shift in transport.

Once you are confident that your items are secure, call Door2Store and rest assured that your satisfaction is our priority.

Storage containers are made to last, and are undeniably strong and resilient, very impervious to corrosion. As well, by the very nature of their origins, they are generally covered in paint that is designed to withstand the rigors of marine usage. Shipping containers have become big business, and are, more and more, found in everyday usage for movement of goods, or simple storage.

These containers are readily stackable, and are a natural fit for industries involving moving and self-storage.

The harsh Canadian climate adds another dimension to the versatility and resourcefulness of the storage container: the weather factor on the outside need not become a factor for what is inside a container. Adding the option of indoor heating and/or cooling can ensure 365-day utilization. Every season is, therefore, conquered. Other useful customization options can, and do, include: shelving applications, electrical hookups, windows and doors, and upgraded flooring options.

Commercial and industrial modular living units are a natural companion to the creative application of storage containers. Thus, a storage bin can become part of a constructed environment, or can supplement one without necessarily combining with it. There are a myriad of industries that use prefabricated living and working environments… from the Oil and Gas Industry to Mining Corporations or to the Forestry Industry. Storage containers and their versatility cannot be underestimated.

Today’s breed of storage containers is a different animal in comparison to options from the past. The storage bin of the 1800’s were generally constructed of wood, and had very limited uses that, generally, gravitated towards utilitarian needs. The storage bins of the 1900’s began to introduce iron into their construction, and versatility in terms of usage prevailed. However, standardization of construction was not a consideration, and one bin, and it’s usefulness, could be vastly different from one manufacturer to another. As international standards have been introduced and refined, the end user has been able to come to expect a certain level of quality and construction. As such, one is able to create the mental image of what could, and should, be expected with the delivery of a storage container. Although there is still a certain level of interpretive design elements to units, which result in differing viewpoints on doors, interior panels and bars, and ventilation, etc., there is an expectation of quality and size that must be met.

Any advances in design and construction of future storage containers will depend on you, the end user. As society’s needs and innovations affect all industries, the mobile storage industry will adapt to the wants and desires of the customer. There is a bright future for mobile storage as the demand has not approached its peak, and new uses are being constantly discovered.

Who needs a garage? A garage, otherwise known as an over-sized storage shed, is one option. Another option is to strategically place a mobile storage container alongside your garage, or even in lieu of one. Every storage container comes equipped with a means of securing your goods against, vermin, the weather, or thieves and vandals. Purchasing a locking storage container is the logical alternative to the overstuffed garage. With its solid steel construction and weight, once placed, it will be a fixture that will not be easily moved. This secure option, in fact, takes a diesel-mounted, industrial-strength, hydraulic lift to remove it from its resting place. If its resting place is on your property, then have confidence in the idea that your motorcycle, quad, or storage boxes are safe.

Your next office space just might be a mobile storage container. Storage containers have the reputation of being cold, unaesthetic tombs… useful for storage and security, but not good for much else. Thinking outside the “box”, however, opens up the user to possibilities that do not come naturally, but offer high-reward options for space utilization. Yes, it is a metal box, but your storage container can become so much more. The ability to add insulation, drywall, and custom flooring can transform a storage container into office space, and what was once only a bin can become a prime, workable area. With the inclusion of electrical, windows and doors, you can have eighty square feet of usable space that was, before, thought of as only storage. There is, also, the added benefit of increased durability. A storage container is designed to be able to withstand structural abuse that would cause most other types of construction to fail.

Mobile Storage Containers offer the best features of moving companies alongside the best that self-storage businesses have to provide. It is like the combination of both services, but without the cost. Moving companies provide door-to-door service, and fill your convenience requirements. On the other hand, self-storage companies offer security and structure, plus term flexibility. Now, consider the availability of options that can offer your all of the above. The question is rhetorical, as the one, and only, option is Mobile Storage Containers. This is the benefit that only providers such as THIS ONE can offer.

Which is right for you: Mobile Storage or Self-Storage? One thing that everybody seems to be able to relate to is the notion that we just have too much stuff. When this truth is realized, then next consideration has to be, “what do with it”. Assuming that your decision is to store away your goods until you would like to reacquaint yourself with them, which option should you choose: mobile storage or self-storage? The costs are comparable. The level of service is comparable. What of convenience, though? One option offers the convenience of ease of access (24/7), convenience of location (where you are), and convenience of time (no car required). All things being equal, how could a person choose anything else? The clear winner is Mobile Storage, and your own mobile storage container.

Storage does not have to mean long-term. Usually, a person’s storage needs are for a timeframe consisting of months or years. This is not always the case, however. Sometimes our life-decisions involve quick decisions and unexpected changes. If you do not plan ahead, you are generally out of luck. There are so few businesses that offer storage options for the short term, as this may interfere with the semantics of their own day-today operations (one month is usually the minimum requirement). We, in contradistinction, excel at quick turnover rentals and would be more than happy to help you with your rapid storage needs. Do you need a storage provider for two weeks? One week? Less? We have pricing options for all of them.

Solid Steel Construction

Our storage containers are custom-made, and feature steel construction to accept the wear and tear of extended use. Our units were made to face the un-predictableness of Canadian seasons.

Size Considerations

Our bins are 8ft tall by 7 ½ft wide while also 16ft in length. We provide, in essence, the storage capacity of a one ton moving truck, but with the flexibility of your best friend’s pickup truck.

Sealed Safely

Our containers are watertight and windowless, sealed from the damaging effects of rain and sunlight. We also feature a small, canopied air vent to allow for fresh air circulation without the danger of water infiltration.

Our doors feature a locking system providing you with the ultimate in control. You lock your unit as you require, and you keep the key.

Superior Loading

Our storage containers will fit into many awkward spaces that other trucks, trailers, and bins become a liability in. As well, loading takes place at ground level. There are no steps or lifts to navigate.